Is there a Methods Database somewhere? I'm trying to ensure that I have created a good Method for Reflectance measurements.

Hi- I have a Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR that I've inherited.  I'm starting with little prior knowledge and so am looking to build a knowledge base.

I'm wondering if there is a Methods database, or some other place like a forum or an Applications Group to which I could refer to make sure the Method I'm using is technically sound.

Specifically, today I want to verify that I'm using the right Baseline option for my Reflectance Method.  I have a Thorlabs Reference mirror (Thorlabs PN: PF10-03-F01) and the Baseline I've chosen is:

Zero x Std Ref Correction, and then I've "Retrieved the Std Ref File", the ascii file that came with the Ref mirror.

If this is correct, when I measure the Thorlabs mirror as an unknown, shouldn't it measure as 100% reflectance across the whole wavelength range?

Thank you very much for any input,


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