Does anyone know how to contiunously auto-run advance reads program of WinUV software (not to stop after each sample 1 and request to confirm to measure next sample)?


I am setting up Agilent Cary 300 UV-vis spectrometer coupled with auto sipper to do online monitoring of our process tank (monitoing the lubricant conc. inside tank).

WinUV is the software we are using to operate Cary 300 UV-vis spectrometer.   

Ideally, we like to have the Cary 300 could automatically pump the lube solvent from tank every a few mins and to do UV measurement. Then, the UV readings could be recorded and monitored over a long period of time (such as 1 week).

However, we noticed that after each measurement, the software will ask whether go to next sample measurement (see picture below). So, someone has to press the button to allow for next measurement. Therefore, this kind of monitoring procedure cannot be proceed automatically (still need someone standby and press the buttion).  Is there any way to set up WinUV software to allow the measurement could proceed automatically without the need to press the confirmation button. 

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