UV-Vis Chemstation B.02.01 Windows compatibility

Hello Agilent Community

I have an HP AGILENT 8453 MODEL # G1103A UV/VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER (Prod No. G1103A, Serial# US53400533, Main Board Firmware Revision: A.03.90, DSP Firmware Revision: 16.8, and PFP Firmware Revision: 7.8). The UV-Vis is connected using a LAN cable, LAN Inter-phase: G13689A. Using the UV-Vis ChemStation Software Revision B.02.01 on a Windows XP computer, that crashed this week. I have the original installation disk and I want to determine if the revision I have is Windows 7 or 8.1 compatible or would I need a firmware, LAN card and software upgrade?   

Thank you

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