method transfer from hitachi spectroflorimeter to cary eclipse

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I tried to transfer method parameters from Hitachi FL 7000 spectrofluorimeter to agilent cary eclipse in synchronous mode but the two substances that showed two distinct maxima with zero crossing of each at the apex of the other in Hitachi spectrofluorimeter were overlaid with only one peak maxima in cary eclipse. 


in Hitachi spectroflourimeter, no clear space in the software to enter delta lambda as cary eclipse spectroflourimeter instead, we enter starting wavelength such as 210 nm and it start switching between monochromators at delta lambda 10 till the set end wavelength

what can be the reason and how to fix it ???

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    The Cary Eclipse is operating as it should In synchronous mode with a delta of 10 nm. When in synchronous mode the two monochromators are moved in sync with each other based on the delta. Thus, a delta of 10 nm will set the Excitation at 210 and the Emission at 220 and collect a data point. The next data point will be Excitation 211 and Emission 221. This continues until the Stop Wavelength is reached. If a Delta of 0 is enter, then the two monos track each other. This may be what occurs on the Hitachi, i.e. delta is 0 nm.





  • Dear #Mike Picollelli

    But i noticed the switching between the two monochromators (excitation and emission) in side square which shows the two monochromators current measured wavelengths, there where switching between monochromators at delta lambda 10 in Hitachi FL 7000 spectrofluorimeter. what else could be the reason??

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