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We are in a teaching lab. We routinely carry out the ASTM detection limit test built into the Cary Eclipse software to demonstrate its use to students. 

For some reason we always get far lower limits than those expected using the test. When we looked into further we noticed that the settings for the test doesn't match the ASTM method particularly in terms of averaging time. We wanted to match the ASTM method settings so that students can compare results to the literature but can't change the settings. The software help states that to do this you have to log into the GLP administration module but it seems like the administration module doesn't work on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Any suggestions



  • Hi Kevin,

    The software help is correct- you need to enable and login to GLP Administration to change the DL in the ASTM method. GLP Administration is not automatically installed when installing Cary WinFLR. Please insert your Cary WinFLR disc, and when going through the set up, there is a pop up where you can select which applications you would like installed. Select GLP Administration checkbox (it is not checked by default)

    Next, open the GLP Administration app (the default password can be found in the help). Uncheck the "Bypass GLP checks" box in the bottom left. Then go to the "Applications" tab, click add, and type Validate. Exit the GLP Administration app

    Now open the Validate application. If done correctly, you will be prompted to login with you GLP credentials (use the Admin default). Once you login, you will be able to edit the ASTM detection limit test parameters

    Hope that helps. I took screen shots but am unable to upload. Let me know if you have any questions and have a great day

  • Thanks JohnKane
    Unfortunately the GLP admin app itself seems to be largely non-functional. We can launch the app and log in, but many of the ensuing buttons and options show nonsensical text strings and are non-responsive, or otherwise give “closed dataset” errors.  We can click on Applications, but we am unable to enter any text into the field. So we are still stuck with frozen detection limit settings in the ASTM method. We are running windows 10


  • Hi Kevin,

    I tested the GLP app and it is working as it should on my Windows 10 PC. I would recommend reinstalling the software

  • We uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times without any success. The first error when the GLP is run states 

    Network initialization failed. Path not found. File c:\program files\common files\borland shared\
    Directory c:\program files\common files\borland shared\bde\


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