Cannot connect to default printer in SimpleReads but can in Config Manager (Cary UV-Vis)

No default printer is currently selected in my Cary WinUV software and I get an error when selecting print setup.  I can print from the configuration manager software.  There is a printer defined on the computer.  How do I connect the WinUV software to the printer?

  • Hello- is it a network printer? I saw a report where there was an issue with Cary WinUV finding a network printer. The solution was to set up the shared printer via a local port. Below are Windows 10 instructions for this. Let me know if this resolves your issue

    To install a printer locally on Windows 10, follow these steps:

    1. Right-click on the Windows logo in the bottom left of the screen. Select Search.

    2. Search for Control Panel. Select it from the search results.

    3. Find Devices and Printers in the Control Panel and open it.

    4. Click Add a Printer (on the top).

    5. A window will come up that is searching for printers on the network. Click Stop, then click The printer I want isn't listed.

    6. Click Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings. Click Next.

    7. Click Create a new port. Select Local Port for Type of port.

    8. In the Port Name box, type the path to the printer in the following format, where server is the name of the print server and printer is the share name of the printer (e.g. \\server\printer). Click OK.

    9. Select the printer model and driver. Click Next. If the exact model isn't listed, click Have Disk and browse to the location where you earlier extracted the drivers.

    10. Follow the rest of the wizard.  When prompted to share the printer, select Do not share this printer.

  • johnkane - thanks for your interest and reply.  the desired printer is a network printer.  I can print to it from the Cary Config Manager application but not from other Cary apps.  This is not a windows10 machine so the specific solution you suggested does not apply.

  • Hi Kent, 

    could you please share Cary Software version.. & current PC configuration ?

  • WinUV 4.20 (468) on a Windows 7 computer.  I got some help and found a work-around.  It is not clear if root cause is Cary software or our network.  Work-around is to: 1. open windows devices and printers, 2. change default printer to a different printer (not network printer), 3. return to WinUV software, 4. goto print menu, 5. change printer from default to the network printer, 6. print

  • Hi..

    I haven't found anything specific  in Software Status Bulletin pertaining to the issue faced. I Would like to suggest make default printer as PDF printer & take prints from Software App. Hope this will work. 


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