"Hexadecimal Value 0x05 is an invalid character. Line 90, position 45"

This error keeps on showing up on Cary 630 MicroLab Software, any way to fix this? 


  • I have a couple of questions :

    1. What version of the Microlab PC software are you using to collect your spectra?

    2. Does this happen with all spectra that are opened? 

    3. Have you reinstalled teh Microlab PC software? 

  • 1. version 5.3

    2. It only happened in a few of the results, not all

    3. No, I did not reinstall the micro lab since I only have two licenses available

  • Hi..

    are you getting error while checking overlay report/Qualitative Search ?

    This error could be  due to  improper method preparation in MicroLab software.

    1. Suggests user to choose proper method type while making standard run ( Data collect) & its result into library properly.

    2. Make new method using old(data collect) method & libraries accordingly.

    3. Ensure Proper Report Template selection for Qualitative methods. 

    4. Also, Suggesting users to use less characters while saving/naming results & method files.


    This doesn't appear after making proper methods.

    pls confirm, it resolves the issue.


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