Cary5000's UV lamb failed

Hello, everyone, after our Varian 5000 spectrophotometer is turned on, the deuterium lamp does not light up, the measuring deuterium lamp power cord has no voltage output, and the tungsten lamp lights up normally. The machine is turned on normally, and the error code E9416 is displayed after the software is connected. There is no problem with the deuterium lamp, and it can be lit on other machines of the same type. I sincerely ask you to give some pointers about the reason, thank you very much! We are expecting a reply! Thanks again! Thanks!

  • If you have moved the UV lamp to another instrument and it lights up, then the issue is either the power supply board or the cable from the power supply board to the lamps. Either way, you should initiate an on site service request 

  • disassembled the deuterium lamp and put it in another spectrophotometer for testing, and it works normally. I checked the connection wire from the deuterium lamp to the circuit board on the machine, and it was normal. The only thing is that there is no voltage between the two legs of the cathode of the deuterium lamp, and the voltage between the two legs of the cathode and the anode is only 12V. Is it because the deuterium lamp is used for a long time and the resistance becomes smaller, which will cause the voltage to decrease. thanks

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