Microlab Software Issues

Hi everyone.

Here in my lab we have a Agilent FTIR Cary 630 with Microlab. Find below the version information:


DLL: 1,521

Firmware: 1,920

Recently, IT department installed an antivirus that automatically update the NET.Framework. After that the follow error showed up.

This error occurs when you run the "Laser Frequency Calibration Test" only.

Had someone already faced this issue ?

  • Hi ..

    can you confirm below : 

    1) Current WINDOWS OS ?

    2) Do You have software Backup available ?

    3) Any Troubleshooting You tried ?

    Your Current Version is Obsolete MicroLab PC 4.5  & might be installed in WINDOWS 7 OS(Out of Support by Microsoft), You can try repairing the software once , to do this open software CD/UFD on instrument PC & run "Setup.Exe" as an Administrator & follow the prompts to repair the software. Restart PC & FTIR once, check the LaserFreqCalTest again. 

    Also, can you check whether the Method files  are available in two folder as well: C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent\MicroLab PC\Methods

    if not then, ideally repairing the software would fix it or else You need to re-install software on formatted PC. 

    NOTE: Software Version MicroLab 4.5 & WINDOWS 7 OS are obsoleted, & out of support. I Will recommend you to upgrade to Latest MicroLab PC Version 5.6 & WINDOWS 10 OS.

  • Hi Arjun ...

    Thanks for your reply. I did the software repair and this fix the issue.

    I communicated my manager about obsolete microlab software. We will update the software soon...

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