calibration for UV instrument

I have a question about certified potassium dichromate solution used for calibration (Accuracy) for UV instrument can I prepare that solution internally from potassium dichromate (Reagent) or I should use officially prepared solution

  • Hi Mohamed,

    To me it depends on what you are using the results for. As a mainly teaching lab we prepare the potassium dichromate solution ourselves and are able to get good accuracy. In theory the potassium dichromate solution should be prepared fresh daily. When measuring the trick is to use good quality reagents and acclimatize the cuvette several times with each solution before measuring.  If you need validated results then you may have to use a certified solution. Agilent did have a sealed cell option you could purchase. Here the potassium dichromate was in a sealed cuvette allowing it to be used longer.


  • Hi Mohammed,

    You can buy certified optical/glass filter set for calibration/verification of UV VIS spectrophotometer..

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