How to fix error E9329 on cary 100

When opened the program, I received an instrument problem: error code:9:9329SEQ:E9329 Fatal chopper failure Fault reported by the instrument software while calibrating. There is no signal response on the computer even though it is online. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thank you!

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  • Dear czy, Mike,


    When facing errors such as E9329 with your Cary 100 or Cary 300 instrument, depending on the exact symptoms, the issue is likely to be due to the following: (from most to least common)

    • Bad chopper belt (part number 5410042300) - issue often continuous
    • Bad chopper motor (part number 110813390) - issue often intermittent
    • (Bad main board (part number 210117890) - issue often intermittent)


    In the past couple of years when having faced Chopper errors in the field, most often (>90%) this was due to the chopper belt. Only once the issue was due to a chopper motor and I have heard that intermittent issues can also be due to the main board, but never have I seen any other part cause this error.


    I hope this helps.


    Best regards,


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