Trigger scan in Cary 5000



I’m trying to trigger a measurement in a Cary 5000 using the Accessory Controller Board. I read in the help section that I can do this by connecting a digital signal to pin 9 and 19, however I haven’t been able to do it. Does anyone know which type of digital signal do I need?


This is what I found:

  • V in is TTL compatible
  • I in high/low = ±1 mA
  • Digital 3 to 7: 100 kW Pull up to +5 V




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  • Hi Rubin and Mike,

    Chris here from Agilent Tech support.  I have found this document that supports this connection to the external 25 pin connector of the front of the Cary instruments.

    What I remember is that it is a momentary contact closure like a switch that will cause the instrument to start the Data collect.


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