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Hello everyone, I am quitenew to the community. I wanted some help regading an instrument that I use in the laboratory. I have to code using ADL shell programming and somehow add some more features or make it user friendly using ADL shell into the existing software. Could someone guide me. At the moment, I have to open a folder using a command here, In matlab normally we have uipickfiles for this task,what is the command that one can use here in ADL?


Details of the instrument:


Name: Cary Eclipse Flourescence Spectrophotometer

Software version: 1.2 (146),  1995 Sax Corp

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  • Thank you for helping me out Mr. Picollelli. I do not see an attached document. Could you send it again?


    I want to open the folder and not change it. The folder has the 'methods' stored in it. I want the software to pop out the folder so that I can select the required method from it.

    Thank you once again for reaching out.

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