What would be the best accessory that you would recommend?

hello team good night hope you are well I have a client who wants to read volatile samples on a transmission module for a cary 630. He puts his sample in the middle of two NaCl tablets and reads the IR absorption. The problem is that your sample is very volatile and it seems to me that it would not be your best option to use the transmission module. I would think of using a dialpath. Do you have any advice that you can help me with? Thank you

  • For volatile sample, it's possible to used Transmission module with flowcell et peristatic pump.

    example :

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    It seems like you are placing two salt plates together or using a cell that, in the IR community,  is called a “demountable cell”.  This means that it can be taken about, cleaned and used for another sample.  For volatile samples this is not the cell to use for several reasons, one being it is difficult to seal and prevent volatile samples from evaporating.  You should be using a “sealed cell”. 

    As the name implies then it is sealed and volatile samples cannot escape. The are available in many sizes as there are 2 windows with a spacer in between (which determines the volume.) There also many window materials and NaCl (Sodium Chloride) is the most common.

  • It's actually possible to measure volatile samples using the single-bounce diamond ATR sampling module.  You do by utilizing the pressure arm typically used to press solid samples down onto the ATR crystal.  Place a drop or two of the volatile liquid onto the ATR crystal and lower pressure arm until it just touches the liquid.  You'll notice that the liquid around the pressure arm will evaporate- but the bit of liquid trapped between the pressure arm and the crystal will stay around due to capillary forces.  Acetone will stay for a couple minutes using this technique- giving you plenty of time to scan the sample.  The same should be true using the DialPath or the TumblIR- but I've never tried it.

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    I'd like to recommend the Gas Cell if the customer doesn't want to use it for quantitative analysis



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