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Need help!  Microlab Lite , Get connected  device name, don t light ,do not work and not able to syncronize SoMo655 to input ID and password to run Moicrolab Mobile. And, on SoMo 655 , bluetooth reject outgoing port 1 so don t connect the 4500.   Any Suggestion?

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  • Hello,

    Here is a procedure to troubleshoot this issue:

    1. Turn  off the PDA.
    2. Connect the instrument directly to the PC running Microlab PC software.
    3. Turn on the instrument and wait for the Power Button to go green.
    4. Turn on the PC and wait for it boot up to the desktop.
    5. Open up MicrolabPC software
    6. If you get an error -2, this is a communications error.

    As for connecting through the SoMo 655, I would suggest you contact your local Agilent service organization for further instructions. If you are in the USA, please phone 1-800-227-9770, option 3 to speak to one of our technical support team members.

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