When Optics Matter: UV-Vis-NIR Webinar on Best Practice, Tools, and Techniques for Reliable, Verifiable Insights into Optical Components

When Optics Matter UV-Vis-NIR Webinar

This live and on-demand webinar explores the subtleties of reflection and transmission measurements at normal incidence and at oblique angles, emphasizing high absorbance, optical density, linearity, and effects of incident beam collimation. We will also discuss diffuse scattering measurements and automation/robotics to broaden quality assurance programs and speed up analysis.

The webinar is relevant to developers of optics, photonics, and electro-optical or semiconductor devices. It will be of particular interest to users of Agilent UV-Vis-NIR systems, the Cary 5000, Cary 6000i, and Cary 7000 UMS. Download the flyer below, and register for the event.

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