Agilent Releases MicroLab 5.8, MicroLab Pharma 5.8, and MicroLab Expert 1.3

MicroLab 5.8 and MicroLab Pharma FTIR Software Release

Exciting news in the world of FTIR spectroscopy!

Agilent has just released MicroLab 5.8, MicroLab Pharma 5.8, and MicroLab Expert 1.3—the software that powers the Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer and Agilent’s handheld and mobile FTIR systems. MicroLab 5.8, MicroLab Pharma 5.8, and MicroLab Expert 1.3 will be supported on Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11.

MicroLab is an easy-to-use software platform for routine FTIR applications, with picture-guided workflows and color-coded results. The optional MicroLab Pharma software, used for secured data storage and user/access privilege management, now runs a secure Microsoft SQL Server Express 2022 database with Microsoft support until 2028. MicroLab Expert is an optional software for more sophisticated data processing, visualization, and analysis.

The Support for Title 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 Compliance: Agilent MicroLab Pharma white paper describes how the technical controls provided by MicroLab Pharma support the data integrity requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories operating in regulated environments. The Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer can be qualified according to global pharmacopoeia chapters to ensure the instrument is suitable for its intended use.

Depending on their current version of software, users of MicroLab 5.8 will benefit from software enhancements Agilent has introduced in recent years, such as:

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) improvements
  • Color-coding for library search

Download the flyers for full details: Keep It Easy. Upgrade to MicroLab 5.8. and As Easy as 1, 2, 3: Makes FTIR Analysis Fast and Simple

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