Could not open file: L:\DATABASE\NBS75K.L\ROOT

This error message appeared in G1701 FA F.01.00 but may be applicable to other revisions when attempting to generate a LSC Summary to Screen.  The error is also postulated to exist when attempting to generate LSC Summary to Printer and LSC Detailed to Printer.  The error log reads in part:


PBM Searching L:\DATABASE\NBS75K.L...

12/19/2013 15:24:45

    Macro: make_report, Cmd:  PBMSEARCH 'L:\DATABASE\NBS75K.L',x


Could not open file: L:\DATABASE\NBS75K.L\ROOT



The ‘default’ library for any method is recorded in the method folder, not msdchem.ini.  The library for LSC actions may be different than the method default library used for library searching functions.  To select the ‘method’ default library (or libraries) for use in the library search algorithms, choose ‘Library/Select Library’ menu (blue arrow below).  See the attached document for detailed instructions.




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