Translation of LC MS Data into MassHunter Format

Translator Issues

Data files obtained in the LC MS ChemStation environment can be translated into the MassHunter (G3335AA) file format through the use of the LCMS Translator utility located on the LCMS Supplemental DVD.  However if the detector signal is saturated, the data appears as a square topped peak in the MassHunter Qualitative Analysis.  In the LC ChemStation software the chromatogram appears as:

Whereas in MassHunter Qualitative Analysis the chromatogram appears as square topped or flat topped chromatographic peaks:


Evaluation of the mass spectrum of one of the peaks reveals that the abundance is ~8,388,096 counts.  The significance of this amount is that it represents the 16 bit maximum of the data collection.  These signals are saturated meaning that the response of the detector is no longer linear.




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