Mix A and Mix B - Quantitation of Multiple Calibration Standards Using MassHunter Software

Occasionally, it may be necessary to use a mix of several different calibration standards for a batch of samples, while using only a subset of them for the construction of the calibration curve. In other situations, it may be important to eliminate certain points on the calibration curve. For example, some compounds may have required detection limits for a specific assay that are higher than the lowest calibration standard concentration, and it may be undesirable to use the lowest concentration in the calibration curve. Conversely, the highest calibration standard concentration in the calibration mix may be outside the linear dynamic range of the method, and it may be desirable to eliminate it as well.


This technical overview illustrates that such changes to the use of calibration standards across a batch of samples can be implemented quickly and efficiently by using the Enable feature in MassHunter Quantitative Analysis software. An easy process for copying multilevel calibration curves from one compound to several other compounds is also shown.




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