Display Reference Spectra Is Insensitive or Grayed Out

Unable to Update Reference Spectra


This issue was discovered in MSD ChemStation G1701FA F.01.03.2357 but is applicable to other revisions. The problem was discovered in QEdit?Spectrum? Display Reference Spectra as being greyed out. However this problem may have other problem descriptions.


During the course of the investigation it was evident that in Edit Compounds?Reporting tab that there was an entry for the MS Database Name and a valid value in the Entry Number field (non-zero value).


When the MS Database and Entry Number are filled in, then the reference spectra are not updated with correct values and no reference spectra are saved (RefSpec folder inside the method).



Clear the MS Database Name field and the Entry Number field OR place a zero placeholder in the Entry Number field.  The Entry number field supersedes any attempt to obtain new reference spectra.


see attached document for screen captures.



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