Manual integration in MH Quant

I have a new quant method in MH Quant but when I apply it to batch files, I do not see any buttons for manual integration that are normally visible with other methods/batches. Is there something I missed in making the quant method to be able to manually integration from this window?

  • Hi  ,


    Do you log in to your software when opening Quant? If so, this may be a matter of privileges in UMAT or ECM that your username has.


    If you do not have to log in to the software, can you please double-check whether the toolbars are available and selected under the toolbars as shown below?



    If the manual integration is still not available, you can try to restore the Quant user settings after making sure you've met the suggestions listed in

    The following things will be cleared when running the tool, so please make sure that

    • Custom columns and screen layouts are saved in Quant, Unknowns Analysis, and Library Editor.
    • The report methods in use are known and noted.


    Prior to running the tool, close all Quant, UA, and Library Editor instances. The tool is located in the Windows Start Menu under Agilent MassHunter Quantitative->Quantitative Analysis Tools->Restore User Settings.

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