Data binding quandary in Report Builder

I am editing the shipping template:  Gen_Complete_ISTD

I want to customize the top portion which is essentially a batch summary (see attached) to include the tune information and the field value of AcqOperator instead of AnalystName.  Our analysts don't have separate logins into the instrument computers, and I understand this is where field value AnalystName is populated from.  AcqOperator is where our analysts would be identified, Unfortunately, these are under the data binding "Sample" and not Batch or BatchAttribute.  

I added "Sample" to the data binding for this table and I ended up with multiple lines so that these items were listed for every single sample in the batch for this batch summary.  Obviously, I just want it once at the top of the page.

This is in comparison to further down the report template under the "Sample Report" portion.  I can select "Sample" data binding to include AcqOperator, yet the data binding for the table appears to be only "Batch," just like it is in the top portion!  "Sample" doesn't appear to be in the data binding of this table whatsoever, yet I am able to select it to get AcqOperator and it works how I need it to.  I've tried to replicate everything in the top portion to get the same result I get in this lower portion, but I just can't.  

How can I achieve this?


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