Add Quantitation Results to Unknowns Analysis from MH Quant


We have been working toward doing all of our unknowns analysis in unknowns analysis, we then bring the results over to quant and do the quantitation.  We would like then to bring the quantitation results back to unknowns analysis since there is the reporting feature that we like and since it is easy for us to create the viewed columns for easy copy paste into our reports and reduce transcription. 

Does anyone have a step by step method for doing this because what I have tried to bring over the quant analysis I don't get anything in the estimated conc. column.  

Thank you for your help. 

  • Hello  ,

    If you are doing UA from a quant batch file then the results from your batch do come into UA, but they will not be displayed in the estimated conc. column. This only displays a value if you set up an Estimation response factor on the Target Match tab in your UA method. You will need to add the Final Conc. column from the Target Peak (from Quant) section.

    Once you have estimation set up in your method you will then see Estimated Conc. for Non-Targets and Estimated Conc. and Final Conc. for Targets. Here is an example from the VOA data.

    One potential challenge with trying to do a combined UA/Quant review is that the target compounds must be found using your UA method to appear in the Components table. This can be tough for compounds at very low concentrations or where manual integration is used in quant. However, even if the quant targets are not found by the UA method their information from quant is still brought over and can be accessed for report generation from the TargetCompound table in the UA dataset.

    This is from the Unknowns Analysis Data Set manual which is installed as part of the SDK and is also available on the Quant installation media in the folder \Additional\Schema

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