Hi everybody, do you know a way to deleate peaks with not matching qualifiers in Mass Hunter automatically?


we have a lot of integrated Peaks which not matching qualifiers: 

we need to deleate the peaks manually everytime and it is a lot of work. We cannot ajust the integration parameters or the LOD because of the limit value. 

Do you know a way to deleate the peaks automatically?

Thank you Slight smile

  • Hello  ,

    There is not a way to automatically delete peaks on analysis that either have no qualifier or qualifiers that are out of limits. 

    For compounds where no qualifier is found there is an action available to zero the target peak. This is available in Version 10.0 and up from the Tools->Actions menu

    If you don't have Version 10.0 or higher, or you'd like an easy way to review compounds flagged with no qualifier ion, then using Compounds-at-a-Glance... from the View menu would be a good option. Once in Compounds at a Glance, go to the Layout->Setup Layout... menu, then to the outliers tab, select only the Qualifier Peak Not Found outlier, and choose to show only panes with outliers from the Filters

    This will present you with only the compounds (in columns) from only the samples (in rows) that have no qualifier peak found. You can then enable manual integration from the toolbar and select the compounds that you want to zero out. Multiple compounds can be selected by using shift or ctrl left mouse click.

    To zero compounds where the qualifier is found but is outside of the set qualifier ratio you would again need to turn to Compounds-at-a-Glance to filter and manually integrate. In the latest versions you can even browse by outlier and you could review both those with no qualifier or those with the qualifier ratio outlier flagged.

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