Can't change IM-MS Browser 10.0 Reference Set

When I load a demultiplexed file with IM-MS Browser 10.0, the reference set is stuck on "Manual" and I am unable to change it. This prevents me from finding the drift times in the CCS Calibration. When I use the same program and load the same file on colleagues PCs, it seems to work. Any ideas?

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  • Hello  ,

    I apologize for the delayed response. After discussing this with a few of my colleagues they have not seen this exact issue before. In general, for issues of this type where either menu or drop-down options are missing, if the issue is not resolve by a reboot then you could attempt a software repair from the control panel. If repair is not an option or doesn't resolve the issue, then you would need to try an uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall the IM Browser.

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