Using NIST MS Search Program in MassHunter and NIST library


I would like to get some advice on reviewing the hits from the NIST 20 library search in MassHunter. This is for looking at the search results for GCMS data. It appears that software "NIST MS program" is needed to review the compounds of interest from the library. Could you please confirm if this is the case? And if there is a way to bypass it, please let me know how to review the search hit results in MassHunter?

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  • Hello  ,

    I apologize for the delayed response. In reviewing Community posts, I found that your question had not been addressed.

    If you are using any library within Qual then you can review the search results using the Compound List and the Compound Identification Results windows. By default the ID results window is tabbed with the Method editor in the lower left hand section of qual.

    If you have the NIST MS Search program installed you can send the spectrum there to be searched and reviewed. Select the compounds to send in the Compound List and then right click and choose Search Using NIST MS Program...  

    You can then use NIST MS Search to search and review results. Note that this is a one way transfer, and searches or changes you make the identification results cannot be brought back into qual.

  • Thank you very much, Howard, for the detailed response.

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