How to modify default text properties for MassHunter Report Builder?

Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to modify the default text size that templates use to generate reports. I find the current default size to be too small, and it takes a considerable amount of time to edit every text box to increase sizes. I'm currently using Report Builder 10.1, I tried to check "Agilent.MassHunter.ReportBuilder.exe.config" however I didn't see an existing property defining the default text size and do not know if it's possible to modify from this configuration file?


  • Hello  ,

    From what I can find the default font used in a given Report Builder template is set in the template itself. I cannot find a way to change this within the Report Builder editor, but you can change the default font size by editing the xml template using a text editor. Near the bottom of the .xml file you will find the tags for <DefaultFont>. The <Size> entry will set the font size for any text or cell that does not have an individual entry for its font size.

    Here is an example of changing this value for the Gen_ResultsSummary_ISTD.template

    As you increase the font size you may also need to adjust the padding on the cells to avoid having characters like the underscore appearing below cell borders. This is again most easily done using a text editor and doing a search and replace for <Bottom>1pt</Bottom> with <Bottom>2pt</Bottom>.

    Depending on the borders and characters used you may also need to adjust other cell paddings in a similar way.

    As always, make certain to have backups of your templates before editing the code directly. 

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