Multiple Blank Substraction

Hello everyone, I use the Agilent MassHunter Quantitative Analysis Version 10.1 Build 10.1.733.0 for QQQ.

Could someone tell me if it is possible to use the "Blank Subtraction" with more then one blank. But I don´t mean it like the way the "Quantitate with Blank Substraction"-add in is working (use the average of multible blanks and subtract it from all samples) I mean it like: I have one blank in a batch that is subtracted from one set of  samples and another blank in the same Batch that is subtracted from an other set of samples. I tried the add in "Quantitate with Blank Substractionin Diffrent Matrices" because it sounded like it could work the way I want it to work, but unfortunately it´s not calculating my batch at all. Is there another way that could work or am I using the add in not correctly?

Best regards Simon

  • Hello  ,

    The Quantitate with Blank Subtraction in Different Matrices add-in will do what you want to do, but it requires some extra information in the batch table to work. 

    First you will need to add the Info. and Custom Calc. columns to your batch table.

    Then enter the matrix or sample grouping information in the Info. column. Currently only two different matrixes are supported and they must be designated MatrixA and MatrixB and must be entered with this exact syntax.

    Then run the Quantitate with Blank Subtraction in Different Matrices add-in. The results will appear in the Custom Calc. column.

    Some of these screenshots are from an older version of quant, but I have confirmed this still works in the latest versions. 

  • Hello howard_sanford thanks for your answer. Now the "Quantitate with Blank Subtraction in Different Matrices" works.

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