Exclude calibration peaks with 0 area on MassHunter Quantitative (10.2)?


I have a large calibration curve with a few different standard mixes contributing to the calibration applied to the samples. I'm wondering if there is a way of quickly removing the peaks of 0 area for each target not included in the calibration mix. For example, with the below curve, I have my calibration points with increasing response by concentration, but also all of the other standards contribute to the curve and pull the 'best fit' line way away from where it should be. 

I'm forced into this situation by use of an internal standard, I can't call each calibration point by their standard ID and point ID because the number of ISTD calibration levels is required to match the number of levels in each target. 

My question is thus: is there a way to quickly remove the points with 0 area from the calibration, or is that a manual task? I've looked into the 'Custom Actions' button on the toolbar to see if it would provide help but it seems to be a undocumented feature. 



  • Hello  ,

    I'm not aware of any existing add-in or script that can enable or disable calibration points automatically. 

    One suggestion to make it easier to disable the runs where a particular target is not present is to try using a different level naming pattern for each target. Then in the method editor you can sort by level, toggle enable, and then fill down. If an ISTD is shared you can leave all of those levels enabled. The total number of levels should still match. Here is a simple example.

    If this method is applied to another batch it should keep the enable selection. 

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