GC-TCD data with masshunter quant

Is it possible to create a TCD quantitation method in Version 10 of Masshunter Quant? Or at the very least integration of the TCD peaks and export into a neat csv file?

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    I have moved this to its own discussion since the question is about quant.

    As far as I know there should be no issues with looking at any 2D GC signal data in quant. To have the most concise list of options it would be best to launch the GC Quantitation version of quant. If you do not see this option you can add the icon to your desktop and Start menu by running the Setup Desktop Icons utility found in Start->Agilent MassHunter Quantitative->Quantitative Analysis Tools. From here you can choose which versions of quant are available to launch. The GC version is suitable for any 2D data, from either GC or LC.

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