no spectra available in data file


We have been trying to read data files that have been stored on another PC through local network.

We are able to see chromatograms but when we tried to see mass spectra data, there is an error message saying that  "no spectra available in data file".

Both PCs are on Windows 7 OS and have the same version of OpenLab ChemStation (v. 01.07 or 1.09).

What might have been done wrong and is it possible to see mass spectra data on another PC through local network? Thanks.

  • Hello  ,

    ChemStation does not support processing data files that are not on the local hard drive. While it may work in some cases, it is not tested or designed to work under those conditions.

    I can't say for certain that is your issue, but to troubleshoot further I'd copy the complete .d folder over to the other PC and then try to read the MS information. I believe you will also want to make certain that you have a LC 3D MS SQ addon or ChemStation DA only license to be able to open MS data on the other PC. 

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