How do I calculate percent ISTD deviation in MS Quant to include it in the final report?

I'd like to include a value for percent deviation of my ISTD for each of my samples. Can I do this in MS Quant to include in my final report?

  • Hi

    for sure you can

    first go yo your quant method ---> edit method ---> outlier setup ----> ISTD response and percent deviation

    set you percent deviation minimum and maximum 

    also set your minimum and maximum allowed response if you want

    apply them to method and analyze


    then add this values to your batch table to review them ( right click on batch table ---> add /remove columns ----> istd compound results ) select what you want to add ( percent deviation , also istd response ratio is recommended )

    .... after reviewing you can print your report, you only need to add your istd % dev to your report template

    open report  builder software and open your template ( for example Gen sample ISTD )

    left click on the box which contains all the cells of interest ( it will become dark grey ) then right click and select column

    now select istd peak and select istd response percent deviation 


    then SAVE AS your template , don't overwrite it 

    good luck

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