Automatic Data File Naming in MassHunter

Hi All!

I'm somewhat new to MassHunter (v10.0) and was wondering if there was a way to autoname data files. We currently run routine samples daily using a sequence. The lab techs enter the sample ID but we wanted to avoid having them enter the datafile name (a unique one at that). Leaving Data File Name blank in the sequence table causes datafiles to be named 00101001, 00201002, etc., which will be overwritten the next time we run the sequence. Ideally, having data files automatically named like Date-Time-SampleID would make it easy to look up old data and ensure unique names. I've been unable to find anything in the manuals, help files or forums on this. One option is to leave Data File Name blank and then rename the datafiles after the run with a script or macro - anyone tried anything like this?



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