Peaks in Masshunter Quantitative Analysis?

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I have a question regarding the Masshunter Quantitative analysis software. Is it possible to detect all peaks of a patch and integrate into a table or do I have to use the Qualitative analysis program for that first?

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    I apologize for the delay in responding.

    It is possible to do this in quant, but it requires some setup. And depending on exactly how you want to look at the data it may not be the best choice. 

    If you just want a quick list of peaks with integration results on a sample by sample basis, then qual would be easiest to use.

    If you'd like to compare a peak at a given retention time across all samples then quant would be a better way to go. You can create a method using one of your samples and create compounds for the peaks of interest. Then you can analyze the batch with no concentration information. This will integrate the compounds and create a batch table with just peak information. You can edit the displayed columns to show only the information of interest.

    If you want to try looking at all peaks in quant, you could try taking a representative sample and using the appropriate 'New Method from xxx Data' workflow. With no concentration setup information you will again receive just integration results. But if the samples are not similar then it could be very tedious to attempt to set up all peaks this way.

    A final option might be to consider Unknowns Analysis. You can do component finding by integration without library searching. With this you could get sample by sample area percent reports for all integrated peaks/components, but you can't easily create component/peak summary reports across all samples.

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