Spectra library search in Navigator

I am missing a menu setting where I can specify filepath for the library/database search within the Masshunter Qualitative Analysis Navigator (B.08.00) software. I am not sure if this means the software was not installed properly or because of something else. Of course when I select the Search Library/DB for Spectra, it return an empty screen.

See screen capture below.

Does anyone ever experience this or have an idea of what cause it?

  • Hi Cindy,

    If you are using B.08, then qual is split into Workflows and Navigator. You would typically run a database search in Workflows under the Find-by-Formula tab. 

    I have Qual 10 and it does have an Identification tab but I can't remember if you would still get it in 8. 

    If you need it in Navigator:

    • You might want to check that you have "Show Advanced Settings" turned on under the Configuration dropdown. 
    • You can also see if it is available under Method Automation > Workflow > Target/Suspect Screening of the Method Editor. 

    Hope one of these works :) 

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