automatic integration lock


is there a way how to lock automatic integration without using manual integration? Before we want to update retentions times all peaks are integrated correctly, but if we have little retention time shift(cutting column), after updating retention times, some peaks are shifted, usually double peaks like phenanthrene and anthracene, probably because of istd time refference flag. Quant MH 10.1

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    There is not a way to prevent peaks from being reintegrated if the extraction windows shifts due to RT updates. The integration may change since updating the retention time would change the section of baseline that is used by the integrator to find the peaks. If your method and procedures allow for it, you could try opening up the extraction window for those compounds under RT setup to see if that would minimize any integration changes. The recognition window can also come into play if it is very narrow. If your procedures allow for this to be adjusted, you could do that under the non reference window settings in Globals Setup. Later versions of quant also have a non reference window override column that can be set on a per compound basis. 

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