Agilent MassHunter Quantitative Software

I have started processing data using Agilent MassHunter Quantitative Software. I have three queries.
1. I have found out there are 4 options to get the calibration curve where i. origin = ignore, ii. origin = include, iii. origin = force and iv. origin = offset. My question is what is/are the criteria to pass the calibration curve?
2. Is there any contribution of the relative response of qualifier(s) of the target and ISTD in the quantitation process?
3. Is there a way to manually enter the relative response of qualifier(s) in the quantitation method if it doesn't get picked up automatically from the data file?

    1. You will need to follow your procedure or validate your method to pick how the origin is treated in the calibration curve. There is not a single set of criteria for all applications to determine which option is best and this is something that is left to the user's discretion.  One possible resource for you is this informative Agilent University course, LCMS-0GEN-3060s - Analysis of Calibration Curve Models for LC/MS/MS. However, there are many other resources that will cover this topic as well.
    2.  By default, the response of qualifiers is not included in the quantitation process.
    3. Yes, you can enter the relative response in the Method Editor under Qualifier Set Up.
  • Thanks a lot for your response and sharing the course catalogue link.

    I think the rel. resp. of the qualifiers did not get into the system probably because I have been using SIM mode which does not have any quantifier/qualifier ion.

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