Is there a MassHunter report template that displays "Calc. Conc"?


I am using MassHunter V10 and I would like to know if there is a report template that display "Calc. Conc." or is there a way to get one of the existing templates to this play this column?

I am hoping to either add or change one of the columns in the image below to "Calc. Conc." as seen in the batch table when data processing.

  • Open the report in Reportbuilder. Select the table by right clicking it, Select -> Table (Results)

    Now right click the table, go "Columns"

    At the top, on the left hand side (Select columns from) select "Target Peak"

    In the left just below (Availible Columns), add "Calculated conentration" to the right hand side.

    Move it where it needs to be and click ok.

    Save the template with a new name so that you don't mess up the stock templates.

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