Mass Hunter sequence table not working

Hello community!

I am experiencing a bizarre issue with Mass Hunter 10.0.368 

I am trying to revive an old 6890N we inherited from a previous user (therefore I am not familiar with the full history of the system).

After extensive maintenance, which included switching ASLs, I tried to run some single injection using the ASL and they worked fine, the data were also consistent. 

When I try to use a sequence, either create a new or edit and existing one (including default sequence), the system freezes, meaning no sequence table is visible and the icons and menus greys out but the control icons (= green numbers reporting flow, temperature etc) are still responsive. (for example, if I change the flow from the oven, the software updates very quickly on the green icons, which points me to exclude a whole system freeze).

It almost seems like the sequence table is hidden somewhere. when I right click on the icon in the taskbar to close it, a message saying there in an action ongoing appears. The only way to restore is to force the program to exit from the task manager window. It then restarts normally until you try to do a sequence.

I tried multiple actions, none of which resolved the issue. 

1) Restart the computer/GC

2) reinstall Mass Hunter

3) change the screen configuration (hoping that changing the resolution could somehow get the seq table to become visible)

4) Load a sequence and use the sequence simulator to inspect for errors. I did not find any warning (e.g. not enough memory or something wrong with the sequence)

Our system runs on Microsoft 10 enterprise because of company policies. I know that is not recommended by Agilent but I don't have control on that. 

The only thing I noticed it that the software was likely managing multiple instruments (I only have one installed right now), and someone created a sort of excel file that seems to be used to automatically upload the sequence. That said one of the previous users I contacted confirmed that the sequence table form the main MH window used to work fine. 

I am running out of options to try! Does anyone has suggestions in this regard? 

Thanks !

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