How to setup method in MassHunter Quantitative with internal standards

I have a run where internal standard were spiked in both the samples and calibration curve standards. However, they were spiked in at two different concentrations. I noticed that when setting up the method in the MassHunter Quantitative, the "ISTD Conc" field value (in ISTD Setup) was forced to the concentration value in the "Concentration Setup" tab. Is there a way that we can input two different ISTD concentrations for samples and the calibration curve standards?

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    To specify a different ISTD amount for a given sample you can add the batch table column Sample->ISTD Dilution and specify a dilution factor for the ISTD on a sample by sample basis. From the Quant Data Set manual.

    ISTDDilution stores a per sample ISTDConcentration correction.

    ISTDConcentration = ISTDDilution*ISTDConcentration (ISTD compound)

    ISTDDilution is useful when you are weighing out the ISTD for each sample and the amount varies slightly.

    ISTDDilution is also useful to correct for (mistakenly) adding twice as much ISTD as needed.

    ISTDDilution updates the ISTDConcentration stored with the target compound that uses that ISTD compound.

    ISTDDilution works independently from the Multiplier or ApplyMultipliertoISTD adjustments.

    Edit - You can also add the column Compound Method-> ISTD Conc. to see what resulting ISTD concentration is used for a given sample. 

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