Calibration Curve for GC-ECD

Can someone walk me through how to set up a calibration curve in Chemstation version: MSD Chemstation E.02.01?  The GC I am using is a GC-ECD 6890 Series.

  • Hi since your question is about MSD ChemStation I moved it to the Mass Spectrometry Software User Forum for better visibility.  Thanks!

  • The attached document is how to setup a quantitation database for gc signals. In the document ignore all instances of 2nd signal. If still have questions you give your local Agilent Software Support office a call.

  • Hi,

    This is actually perfect because the method i am doing is a dual column.  I am having a bit of an issue though.  I do the first cal point and that goes perfectly, but when i do the rest of the cal points it doesn't go so smoothly.  I follow the directions for the second, third and fourth, etc points and instead of updating the level it duplicates and triplicates the compounds in database.  Also when i go to quantitate the rest of the cal points it doesnt pick up the second column just shows me the results for the first column.  Am i missing something?  I have been working on this all day and i cant seem to see what i am missing.

  • I would advise you give the local Agilent Software Support Center a call.

  • i was able to figure this out, i misread a section of the directions.  Thank you for your help.

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