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good morning
friends, I have been having problems with data acquisition. I put a run and from one moment to another the software (masshunter) stops responding. If there is an injection in progress, the GC continues to run but no data is acquired. Sometimes data is acquired up to the time of the run when the software was stopped. for example: if the run lasts 30 min and stops after 15 min, you can see that acquisition. but most of the time it stops no data is acquired.

That happens frequently. Before I had chemstation installed and it was also happening.
I thought it was because of the sequence, I tried injection one by one and it also passed.
In some forum threads I found suggestions. restart the MSD-GC, create sequences from scratch and nothing. Although the sequences last a little longer before happening again.

When reviewing the logbook, the error is always the same: fatal sequence error detected, GC is offline.

One suggestion I found is that it may be due to a card type or syntax but I didn't quite understand

If anyone has experienced the same, please share your experience with me.

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