MassHunter Quantitative Analysis (10.1 for QQQ): Blank subtraction from ‘cal’ type samples for making of calibration curve

Hello everyone

I’m working on analysis of some PFAS compounds at sub-ppt levels, and some of these are also present in the LC-MS graded water (I’ve tested multiple sources) that would be used for making the standards for the calibration curve.

Is there any way to have the area of a ‘blank’ subtracted from the area of all ‘cal’ and ‘QC’ type samples (but not regular ‘sample’ type), so that only the ‘spiked’/‘fortified’ amounts of analytes are used for making the calibration curves? I do have the Blank-Subtraction add-in, but I'm unsure whether it will subtract the blank area from all samples or only certain types, and I haven't been able to find any documentation about this add-in.



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