MassHunter Quantitative Analysis (10.1 for QQQ): Blank subtraction from ‘cal’ type samples for making of calibration curve

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I’m working on analysis of some PFAS compounds at sub-ppt levels, and some of these are also present in the LC-MS graded water (I’ve tested multiple sources) that would be used for making the standards for the calibration curve.

Is there any way to have the area of a ‘blank’ subtracted from the area of all ‘cal’ and ‘QC’ type samples (but not regular ‘sample’ type), so that only the ‘spiked’/‘fortified’ amounts of analytes are used for making the calibration curves? I do have the Blank-Subtraction add-in, but I'm unsure whether it will subtract the blank area from all samples or only certain types, and I haven't been able to find any documentation about this add-in.



  • Hello ,

    The blank subtraction add-in subtracts the average of the final concentration amounts of the blanks in the batch from samples. The results of the subtraction are placed in the Custom Calc. column in the batch table. Quant does not offer any way to subtract peak areas or provide any 'corrected' peak area or height. 

    You may want to investigate the blank offset option for the calibration curve origin setting and see if this accomplishes what you need to do for correcting your standards. 

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