Manual Integration "Before & After" Summary - Report Builder

Hello, everyone. 

I've recently been trying to add a section to the end of our quantitation reports that details our manual integrations. For regulatory purposes, we must show the manually integrated compound peak "Before" and "After" the manual integration. I would like to have the "Before" and "After" compound peaks side-by-side in the report.

I have almost everything done, except for I am having difficulty getting the "Before" compound peak graphic to show up in the report. I have been using the "CompoundPeakOriginal" graphics option, but I am not entirely sure if this is even how to get the "Before" manual integration compound peak. When I preview my report, I just get a blank space on the page where the "Before" compound peak graphic should be. This is how I have the "CompoundPeakOriginal" data set up:

 Report Example - Notice the blank area under "Before":

My questions are:

Is "CompoundPeakOriginal" the right graphics option to choose if I want to show the "Before" manual integration compound peak? If not, is there another/better way to do this?

If "CompoundPeakOriginal" is the right graphics option, what should I do to get it to show up in my report?

I am using Report Builder 10.2.1 making a report for MassHunter Quant 10.2


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