MassHunter LCMS triple quad C drive filling up - RE: disk full

I have a similar question.  I am using MassHunter version B.07.01, Build 7.1.7112, for 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole.  I am getting warning messages that the Programs (C:) drive is getting full.  Restarting the computer and deleting the MassHunter processes gets me more space.  I don't know when the drive was last defragmented.  (Last June I was suddenly dumped back into LC/MS land after being out for 3 years.)

If the C-drive is too full for a successful disk defragmentation, what are my options? 

What is MassHunter putting on the C-drive?  I had assumed everything was going to the Data drive when the software is running.  I know the data is going there.  My computer skills are 20+ years old. 

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  • Hi ,

    Since this is on an LCMS system I have started a new discussion as I'm not certain this is exactly the same issue.

    By default MassHunter does not store data, methods, or worklists on the C: drive. It is possible that it is filling up during acquisition due to Windows temp files or log files, or if indexing of the D drive has been accidentally enabled then this will quickly fill up the C: drive, which is the default location for the index file.

    I would start with the following, even if you have tried some of these step previously. First open File Explorer, right click on the C: drive, select properties, and then click on Disk Cleanup. Once that opens, go ahead and click on Clean up system files. This will rescan the drive and include things like previous update backups. Once that is complete, select everything you can and then choose OK to delete the files. This may take quite some time depending on what it finds.

    Once that is done, check to make certain indexing is off for the D drive. Open the Control Panel, go to Indexing Options. You should see a list of locations that are being updated with indexing information. By default it should only include places like your user files and a few other small items. Occasionally I have found that customers specify indexing of the D drive with the idea this will make accessing data files quicker, but this is not the case. You can click Modify to deselect any unnecessary locations. If you do change anything, you can then click on the Advanced button and under Troubleshooting click on Rebuild to delete the current index and create a new one with the new selections.

    Otherwise I would work with your IT to determine what is taking up extra space on the C drive. If there are multiple users then there may be files in some of their Downloads and Documents folders. You could also have them try moving the system page file to the D drive if it is not already there. If they find there are large files of type CAB and hundreds of CBS log files then there are several websites with directions on how to resolve this known issue with Windows makecab.exe utility.

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