Masshunter QualAnalysis v7.00 Compound Search using NIST MS Program


I have the problem, that when I want to use the NIST MS program function on a list of compounds in MassHunter QualAnalysis 7.00, only the first compound of that list is loaded into the NIST MS Search program. It would be great to have all compounds of that list in the NIST MS program. Is there anyone out there who can help me? 

Let me shortly give you an overview of my working procedure while using MassHunter QualAnalysis 7.00:

1. Integrating the signals of interest

2. Peak selection of all integrated signals and extraction of peak spectra

3. Create compounds from each selected (extracted) spectrum

4. Searching using NIST MS Program -> At this point the NIST MS program appears showing only the first compoud of the created compound list

Thanks for your help!


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