Masshunter Quantitative Analysis Method based on Identified Compounds in Qualitative Analysis

After I analyzed a (single or multiple) data files in the Masshunter Qualitative Analysis, I would like to "write" a quantitative method to integrate, quantifey, etc. a larger batch of sample in the Quantitative Analysis Software - without having to re-identify all compounds during the method setup again.

I spent a week going through the provided eFamiliarization program, manuals and online tutorials without finding a working solution to this. At least I have three ideas how it could be implemented, however both of them don't  (fully) work on our newly installed GC/MSD (single quad) system:

- the best option seems to  "Initiate quantification" directly from the Qualitative Analysis software, but this action opens the quantification software for the QQQ instead of SQ method setup and classical interface instead of the Quant-My-Way. Can thgis be changed?

- Second best option: export the analyzed data into a CEF file and build a method from this. However, the number of qualifiers is preset to two, but I would like to include more. Can this be changed?

- Work-around I could live with: export each to be included spectrum into a PCDL, however the PCDL manager is not installed and I can't find it on any of the provided installation media.

Thanks for any help!

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