Masshunter Qualitive Analysis v10 - User Interface


is it possible to change the user interface from v10 back to v7?

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  • Hi ,

    There is no option for a ‘classic’ interface in Qual 10.0 as there is for Quant. But I can give you a few tips to make the transition a little easier.

    First, enable Show Advanced Settings in the Configuration menu. This will give you direct access to more settings and be more like what you would be used to in B.07.00. Be aware that for some Method Editor settings it does expose a LOT of extra tabs that you probably won’t want to adjust, but it is an all or nothing option.

    Next, Version 10 uses a new adaptive interface, so you will only see the method options that are available and valid for the type of data file opened. For example, the available method options will automatically change depending on whether you have opened GCMS SQ unit mass data or LCMS TOF accurate mass data. You can override this by opening the Configuration->User Interface Configuration dialog box and enabling or disabling options. Be aware that doing this won’t necessarily let you use those method options on another data type. In my experience they will typically give you errors or warning that the operation is not supported for the open data type, or it may run but not give meaningful results.

    If you prefer navigating results in the Data Navigator like B.07 and prior versions, you can switch to Navigator View after running your Find By algorithm in Compounds View. You will need to make certain you have the Sample Table visible and select all samples/runs so that they all show up in the Data Navigator like they did in B.07.00.

    Other than that, let us know if you have any specific questions about the interface or workflows and we will assist as we can.

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